Marine Corps Marathon…

This is one of those once in a life time runs. So I will start from the beginning…

The MCM is a lottery, which means it is luck of the draw if you get to run it. When it opens you put your name in and pray that you get the email welcoming you into the race. This did not happen for me! Many of me running buddies scored places, I did not. SO I went another route and Ran for St.Judes Children’s hospital and Raised money. I had planned on doing this any way. I am so thank full to every single person that donated to this amazing cause! I love running, but I love it even better when I have done it for a cause! I have been trying my best to run for something to help others!

The Race date was set and plans made. Leighann and I had big hopes for this run. We both thought this could be the race to make a new PR. As many of you know, we are back of the pack runners with smiles on our faces. However, this time around we really wanted to see if we could train for something more! It started out well. Training was going good, speed was picking up and I thought for sure we were going to go out chasing the under 4:30! Well..then life got in the way. My training slowed. I ended up sick. I could tell you 500 more excuses but I realized I was not going to make this my race. One problem I have is that I am a very “Social Runner” and this past year I have struggled with the long runs. I don’t like to go run for 2 hours by myself. I left this be one of my excuses. I still was feeling really well about this race and I was trained and then about 4 weeks prior to the race I came down with “the bug from HELL”. I was a mess and I just didn’t recover well. Going into this weekends race I knew I was not going to be able to push myself the way I had hoped. But I was ok with this! One Day I will run that under 4:30 Race…It just was not this time around. Plus I was going to get my time worth! I haven’t ran with Leighann in months!!! We needed all the time we could get to catch up! Once again our plan was to do what we do best..Smile and be Happy and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MILE!



We made the trip up Saturday. Our first stop was the EXPO. It was a little crowed for my liking..I don’t like tight places with lots of people! However, I’m so happjeffy we went! We got to take selfies with “THE JEFF GALLOWAY!!!!” and if you don’t know who the heck I am talking about you need to go spend some time on Google and learn about him and the “Magic Mile”. If it was not for this Man and his ways, we never would of survived our 7 Marathons in 7 Months. Then there was this AWESOME Car that everyone was writing on! Look at all those BAMR Stroller Warriors on there!!!14650284_10209068715692667_6426670062563308032_n





After the Expo we head into Arlington to find our hotel and get everything dropped off before we got something to eat and headed into see the sights of DC! (We have never been to DC before so this was a pretty exciting day for us!!!) We were able to find an Italian restaurant right around the corner from the hotel! Can’t go wrong with Spaghetti and meatballs the night before a marathon! It was already getting pretty dark by the time we got into DC but I think this made for the perfect way to see everything. The girls loved all of the monuments and the way it was all lit up made it even better. It was then time to head in and get settled for the night! We had a long day ahead of us!

As many of you know, I am streaking still, so I had yet to run this day. So Leighann and I put our shoes on and headed out for a mile! I love being able to drag her out with me! Its always more fun to streak with friends then to streak alone!! Keep in mind..I am talking about Run Streak in Running clothes! After our quick , not so quick mile, we headed back to get everything race ready!!!me

Up at Zero Dark 30,  Pre race prep begins! This always starts with the “What I am running in” Selfie. Lucky for me I have an Awesome friend who makes wonderful Personalized Tank tops  SO I am always able to sport  the perfect tank for my running buddy Jacob! The Start was about 2 miles for the hotel so we headed out for the warm up walk. It was a perfect morning. Seeing the course being built up and the streets being closed down is always so neat to see. It’s so Amazing what goes into the process of a marathon on the not running side. Also, this is the Marine Corps Marathon we are talking about so there were Marines everywhere participating in the set up. We passed through Arlington Cemetery to get to the start. Everywhere you looked there were memorials. It was truly an amazing start to the day. Every time I think of Arlington Cemetery I think back to the scene in Remember the Titans of them running through it. Once we finally made it to the Start we made sure to get a good spot next to the port a potties since we were almost 2 hours early! Had to make sure to make it on time! The quiet before the race is such a cool experience. Then we met up with our friend Allyson and her husband plus his friend (it was the friends first marathon so we were pretty excited for him)

Then the race started! The anthem was sang and the fly overs happened, it was time to go! I don’t care how many runs I have done, that anticipation to the start line is like no other feeling. Every ache you thought you had or fear just seems to disappear as you watch everyone in front of you cross the start line. The watches beep, the clock is moving, the timers start! Only 26.2 miles to go! Or in this case 26.60!

The first few miles were full of crowd support!!! Don’t forget the hills!!! Those first few miles were tough. Hills don’t happen often where we live in North Carolina, so I don’t get enough training like I would care to have. After the first few miles the hills were far and between. I was feeling AMAZING till around the 13 mile mark when my foot decided to act up and my left IT Band started yelling at me. Thank fully Allyson brought along some Tiger Balm and I was able to slap some of that on! The miles just passed after this. The most humbling part of the run was the “Wear Blue, Run to Remember” portion. If you have never heard of this take a few moments to read about what it is all about. This portion of the race is a very emotional part for many who run the MCM. I will forever Re14908396_10209068707292457_5372622611295436_nmember this portion. After we were through here the next thing to do was “Beat the Bridge” at mile 18. This is important in the running of this marathon. You must cross this bridge in time to complete the race. If you do not make the bridge in the allocated time you will not be allowed to finish the course. So for many, that is the main focus and once you are over the bridge you can breath a little easier till the finish. It was right before the bridge that I came across a runner wearing a “Stroller Warriors” Visor and of course I had to stop and chat! I was so excited to see all the other Stroller Warriors from all over the world this day. However, this Warrior was one that I had spoken with many times and now got to meet her!! What better place then right before the bridge!14906957_10154112091815669_8099744509074455237_n This is a Marathon that for many Stroller Warriors is or has been their first! This wonderful lady is one of the Fearless Leaders and it was so AWESOME to run and chat with her for a few moments!

After the bridge it wasn’t much longer and the finish line would be our next stop! This is when everything hurts but you are so close to the finish it does not matter! This is the time when you have to be thankful for every ache and pain in your body! When you don’t think you can take another step you do and you don’t stop. You push all the negative things in your head and you go forward. You do it because you are blessed to be able to do it. You run for those who can’t. You run to remember those who came before you and made it possible for you to be able to run. You don’t give up and STOPPING is not an option in your vocabulary. Well that is until you see the final HILL of this Marathon. Its like they found the steepest spot they could to finish on. It’s like they say “It’s just a Hill, so get over it”.  Then it was over! The 26.50 ish miles was behind us, now just a memory!

Every marathon I run, I always seem to ask myself and yell at Leighann..”Why can’t we just run 10ks or Half Marathons?” Her answer is always ” Because we don’t Half ASS!” When you finish a Marathon, no matter how fast or slow the end time shows, you still conquered 26.2 miles! That is huge! Don’t ever let your self forget it! It is always when I cross the finish line that I am reminded WHY I run the FULL! Plus I don’t know if Jacob would let me start slacking this late into the game! Because at the end of the day I don’t run for my self! I run for him and this day I ran our 13th Marathon and its this picture that gets me through these runs!


Welp…I guess that’s about it! If you ever get the chance to Run this Marathon…Don’t miss it!!! It is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! Now its time to get a few more Races on the books!


Well Hello There! It’s been awhile..

So I have this tendency to go really strong with something for a while and then I get distracted with life. It has been a really, really long time since I have updated my blog. I consider starting over fresh, but realized I had some pretty great stuff already on my blog! Who would want to start all over..not this girl. I can hardly keep up with my blogging let alone start from scratch.

You may wonder, why have you decided to come back to blogging? Well to be honest I just want somewhere to ramble in hopes that someone will listen and enjoy what I have to say. Over the next few weeks I hope to get this place back up and running. I will get you updated with the crazy subject, I call my life. There are a lot of changes that have taken place since I started this blog back long ago. One thing that has not changed…I’m still streaking (run streaking that is) I’m pretty sure I was streaking during my last blog post. My life still revolves around 2 of the cutest girls around, you know them as Q & P, my love of cupcakes still exists and I still workout…a lot. I’m still running marathons (I will be getting my run list up dated in the near future) and I have super awesome things in the works for the near future! I’m about to make a big life change…I will update as soon as I come out in the open on what that is. On top of it all I’m still married to a pretty awesome dude.b

I will start with my update that we are no longer in England! We moved to North Carolina not long after my last post. We live in a small town called Pikeville not far from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. We have been here since June of 2015 and have no plans of leaving anytime soon. It has taken a while to adjust to being here and leaving our home of 6 years in England. I feel like we are finally settling in and able to call it home..for now.When we moved here I took on the job as the Manager of a gym in town called “Anytime Fitness”. It has been an eye opener but it was a step I needed in my life. I took the chance to go back to being a working mom  ( I will have many more upcoming posts on this) anytime

Q has since started Kindergarten and is a little social butterfly. P started daycare ( which she needed, she is my introvert) Everyday Q is excited for Life and Miss P has her morning saying “Stay home with you, Mommy?” Lately this has been tugging at my heart more and more, which is leading up to some of my upcoming posts about choices and changes being made.

Running is still a focus in my life. I still Run4Jacob! I am coming up to day 700 of my run streak. Once I hit my 2 year mark I plan on doing a run down of the Streaking!!! Boy what an adventure it has been! Stroller Warriors is in my future! I can’t wait! 2017 is going to be pretty awesome when it comes to running!cropped-12042705_437742263077871_3418264485282939915_n.jpg

Coaching…Yes I still promote Beachbody! I hope to get back to teaching P90X and I still drink my Shakeology everyday. So if you ever need fitness in your life but have no idea how to start just let me know!!!


Ok well I think this is enough chatting for now! I plan on being a regular in the blog world again soon. Until next time…

The End of My P90X Journey…

After 90 Days, I can finally say I made it through P90X. Was I perfect…No! Did I struggle…Hell Yeah! Did it Kick my butt..You bet it did! When I started P90X I could barely do a regular push up and a pull up was way out of my league. By the end of 90 Days I could do a pull up, chin ups and push-ups are now one of my favorite moves! My strength is 110% better than when I started. The first 8 weeks I kicked butt with this program. I was able to follow it pretty closely and didn’t miss a workout. Near the end of it, I will be honest, I struggled some days to push play and get my workout done. With all of my running these last few weeks and training for the upcoming marathon…o and don’t forget moving and packing, I did miss a few workouts. I was happy with my final results but I know that if I had push harder the last few weeks and stuck to the program better my results would of been better. P90X has been an experience. I can finally say I did it. I love Tony Horton and this program, but I will be honest I am ready for 30 minute workouts again. I look forward to giving P90X2 and P90X3 a go around this next year after we are moved and settled. This is a program that I am proud to say I accomplished.

A New Adventure…Spin Class

A few weeks ago I started attending a local 5 am Spin Class. Let me tell you what…It kicked my BUTT! Here is my story of my first day of spin class… Over this past year my workouts have been focused around running. I knew it was time for a change. With the 2 little ones it can be hard to make classes, and up until recently my youngest, Miss P, still didn’t sleep through the night. (Some nights she still does not) So 5 am was just not going to happen. Finally I lost my excuses and decided to go to my first every spin class.

Let me tell you a little about myself…I am not good at new things. Especially when I am uncomfortable. I have never been very comfortable on a bike. With that being said I never knew what to really expect from a spin class. My friends love them, heck even my husband goes to spin at the gym sometimes! It has been a few years since I had been to a group class. (I had been going to HITT class but when I started P90X I decided to give it a break)

Finally I set my alarm for 430 am and made the choice! I was going to go to my first spin class! I was uncomfortable on the bike at first. Thankfully this is a stationary bike…less chance of me falling off! After learning how to adjust my seat (AKA Saddle) and get my feet in the pedals. (Did you know they make shoes for this???) During the warm up, I told my self I could do this! This isn’t that bad! Then we started moving! Thank fully the instructor explained the different positions as we were going. Lucky for me there are only 3 main positions.

After a few minutes I started to get the hang of it…then she said “we are going to jump”. Jump! You want me to do what???? What the hell, I’ll give anything a try once! That was rough! Between my balance and lack of experience this was a site to see! The next move was push ups while spinning! Push-ups! While moving! I am sure there were many words to describe what I looked like while trying to spin, do push-ups, all while staying on beat. O and don’t forget the “increase resistance”! It really was like “climbing” a hill! There was one move I could handle!!! Sprint! All I had to do was pedal!

However, there was one move that I could not do what so ever. This move is known as Isolate. This move forces you to use only your legs, and if you are brave to let go of the handle bars all while in a standing position. Since my balance is pretty off and it has been almost 10 years since I have been on a bike, this move was near impossible for me. It was during this time that I knew I would be back because I was bound and determined that I would be able to “isolate” and not fall over!

By the end of class I was dying! I FELT AMAZING!!! I love a great cardio workout and boy was this one! I already couldn’t wait for my next class! Not only was the workout Amazing but it was also nice to be able to go the gym and get in a great workout with my friends. If you follow me you know that most of my workouts, even my running, I include Miss Q & P. As much as I love these two, they can make a workout difficult at times. It was a nice change of pace to get in a workout where I was not jumping over toys or children or having to get a snack out of the back of the stroller. It is these 45 minutes that I truly appreciate! I have now attended a few classes and I really enjoy it.

I have been back since my first one…

The 2nd class I realized how sore your bum really can get and I was super thankful that we spent a majority of that class in a standing position. My plan is to keep this class in as a part of my regular workout schedule! I hope that when we move in a few months that I am able to find a great class! Heck, maybe I’ll convince the hubby I need my own Spin Bike! A girl can dream right??


P90X Weeks 5 & 6…

I went into week 5 with my head in the game. I had just finished recovery week and I was ready to get back to the weights and test out my new pull up assist bands. (These are the ones I ordered) My eating was still going great and I was feeling Amazing. Week 5 was a good strong week.

Here is what my workout schedule looked like for week 5..

Chest, Shoulder & Triceps + Ab Ripper X


Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

Yoga X

Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

Saturday – 7 Mile Run

Sunday – 9 Mile Run

(The hubby got home on Friday so I was able to get in a few long runs on the weekend…boy I missed my long morning weekend runs)

Week 6 did not go as well..When I start P90X I said I would track my workouts and be honest with my progression. This week my eating went down hill, I did not plan like I should of and this forced me to make bad decisions. I did most of my workouts up until Thursday when I had to pack for my upcoming Marathon Traveling Adventures. This was the first time I had skipped Yoga X so I am pretty proud of myself. I was traveling on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My eating while we were in Malta was not the best, but that can be hard when you travel. I tried to eat half way decent as on Sunday I was running a Marathon. Even though I did not do my Thursday, Friday or Saturday workouts I still did plenty of walking a ran at least 1 mile each day. Sunday I ran a Full Marathon which I feel made up for most of my bad choices.

Week 6

Chest, Shoulder & Triceps + Ab Ripper X


Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

Yoga X – Skipped workout

Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X – Traveling this day and I really like to rest my legs the days before a Marathon

Saturday- Walking and 1 mile

Sunday – Full Marathon 26.27 Miles

Each week has its own story. Some weeks are going to be harder than others and I have points during this training that I wish I had pushed harder or didn’t skip. That is OK! It happens, the important thing is that I don’t let it get me down and I push harder the rest of the program. Listening to your body is a must and some days you just need to skip a day and that is OK! I am still confident that I will have great results at the end of my 90 days!

The Malta Marathon

Over the Alps

Over the Alps

When I signed up for a Marathon in Malta I pictured Sun and Beaches. Hello, ISLAND!!! However, this is not how it happened! Our group managed to take the England weather with us to Malta. It really made me question why we traveled for a Marathon when we could of just stayed home and ran..No not really I was still excited to be in Malta.

We flew out on Friday which gave us Friday afternoon and Saturday to enjoy the area. The flight was only 3 hours from England. I enjoy flights because it give me time to catch up on my reading. However, I ended up chatting with a local from Malta and learning about where we were about to visit. One thing I learned was that there are 365 Churches in Malta, one for every day of the year.


When we landed we had a local taxi pick us up. This was awesome because we didn’t have to waste time figuring out where to go and he took us straight to our apartment. It was also cheaper than taking the bus. Our Taxi driver was a huge Elvis fan. He told us that he believed Elvis was still alive and that he had been seen in Malta. Is there any truth to this?? Elvis is a popular topic of conversations when one of your running buddies is from Nashville.



When we arrived at our apartment, Raymond the owner was there to meet us. The first thing we all notice is the 2 flights of stairs that we had to climb to get to our apartment. Then once we are upstairs and inside, our jaws all hit the ground when we saw the spiral stair case that took us to our rooms and the shower. It was then that we decided our apartment booker was fired.

This is how we sight see..

This is how we sight see..


Once we dropped our bags off at the apartment and got over the thought of all those stairs that we would be facing on Sunday, we headed out to see the sites and to feed our faces. Luckily the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy our first few hours in Malta. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner ( I had to get my hubby his bottle opener) We also booked a city tour for the next day. Best way to see as much as you can in as little time as you have. Plus when you are about to run a marathon you really don’t want to walk if you don’t have to. We enjoyed a nice evening seeing the sites and then we headed to pick up our race packets. Leighann and I still had to get our Mile run in for our Streaks

Where we kept the streak alive

Where we kept the streak alive

(which we decided to do inside the apartment because it was dark and cold and the street around our area was not very level) This was also when we realized that our apartment did not have much hot water. It was going to be a tough few days! Rationing of the water with 4 girls…

Saturday we headed out early to meet our bus to see what we could. It was cold and raining but we were not going to let this stop us! We stopped at a small bakery before we got on the bus and I had the most amazing Chocolate Croissant! It was Perfect!! The bus took us to see some beautiful sites. My favorite stop was the Blue Grotto. It was AWESOME! We spent some time here taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Blue Grotto

Friendshipplank Blue Grotto

We ended up spending some time in the local shopping mall. (That is what happens when you are rained out) This was where I found my after race Cupcake!!!after race cupcake After some light shopping we headed out to meet a few more ladies for dinner that were from our running group. On our way we found a cute little book shop, They had the neatest display. It was designed to have you pick a book not by its cover. “A Blind Date with a Book”. I loved this idea! One day I hope to use it in my own book store. Amanda and I picked up Blind Dates for the night. Katrina also stopped in a little  place to book after races massages! It was perfectly located right across the street from the finish.

Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book

Dinner was nice. It was a small local restaurant and it served amazing pasta and bread. I think we all did enough carb loading for 10 people. Amanda also made sure to drink her two Guinness.(Her pre race ritual)  Since the race start was an early one we headed back to our apartment to prepare for our morning. Also Leighann and I still needed to get in our mile run. Amanda decided to join us in our loops around the apartment to start her own run streak. With the run complete and packing all done, it was time for bed. It would only be a few short hours before we were headed to the start and being bused 26 miles to the start of the race.

Lee and I

Leighann and I before Starting

That morning we were all out of bed and ready to go by 430am!!! It was a cold breezy morning but there is just something about getting up early on the morning of a marathon. I don’t know if it is the anticipation for the day ahead or if I’m just kinda crazy for enjoying it. I look forward to getting up and having my peanut butter and banana and a nice cup of tea. Then there is the prayers that you Poop before you start to run, because you never know if you will get the chance while you are running. So many thoughts run through your head before a race, I almost feel like a little kid before Christmas on Race day!

Maniacs from around the world

Maniacs from around the world

When we got to the start the weather looked like it was turning in our favor. The clouds were starting to move and the sun was starting to peek through. I was starting to think I over dressed and was thankful that I didn’t wear as many layers as I was originally thinking of putting on. As we headed to the start line we ran into a group of Marathon Maniacs. It is great traveling and being a part of this amazing group. Now no matter where I go, I am sure there will be at least one person you know when you run a marathon being a Maniac.

The race started right on time and we were off. The view was Amazing and the Weather Perfect. It was going to be a great run! I was running with all my lovely friends from Athens so we knew there would not be a dull moment. Early on we ran into a lady that we ran one of our last marathon with in England and we met a few more that we recognized along the way. There were a ton of members from the 100 Marathon Club. We even met one guy who was running Marathon #530. Can you imagine that?? I’m still shocked I was running #5 let along #530!!!!


This course had a few up and downs but all in all it was not a bad course. There were a few areas where directions were questionable and we could of easily got turned around. Only downfall was there was no bathroom for the first 8 miles! This was a tough one for someone like me who has to pee all the time! Luckily we passed the bathroom twice..once on the first loop and then again on our 2nd time around before our course ran in with the half marathon course.


Leighann and I stuck together for this one. It was around mile 20 when I realized that we could possibly run a sub 5, but I was not about to tell Leighann this. I did not come to Malta expecting a PR. Especially when I found out the course cut off was a 5:30. So when I realized that we could do this, I was determined to get us to the finish. Luckily for us the 2nd half of the course was more downhill than up. I am not a fan of the down hill, it really makes the knees hurt. I enjoy running up hill, there is just something about the feeling when you get to the top!


When our course came in with the half marathon course we got to see a lot of new sights. It almost gives you a second wind when you come into running with new people. There were people dressed in all different costumes and people running/walking for so many different causes. We even got to see a guy dressed as Shrek. This made for a lot of weaving which is kind of nice after you have been running long stretches with no one around.


Before we knew it, the finish line was there! I couldn’t believe that I was about to run a sub 5 Marathon. What made me more excited was that my 5th marathon was going to be my first under 5! Right as I was going under the Clock it read 05:00:01. Leighann came in right behind me cutting 29 minutes off of her PB! A race that we came with just the simple hopes of finishing turned into a great run for both of us!


As we collected our medals and went on the search for friends, the best booth ever was set up! It was a Chocolate Milk Stand!!!! Why are these not at ever marathon?? I think I drank at least 5 samples!


Once we collected our bags and our friends we headed to the apartment for a fast shower (remember no hot water) and then off for our after race messages. We were about to take a taxi but when we were quoted 20 Euro for less than a mile…that was not going to happen. We needed to stretch our legs any ways right?? Also, why is it that Katrina books all of our Apartments at the top of hills after races?? Our hotel in Greece was also at the top of the hill and it had stairs! This is going to be a new requirement when we travel for races….No Stairs or Hills!

hill after

After a fast shower and new dry clothes, we made the hike back down to the message place. I think this should be a must have after all races from now on. That was the best thing we could of done after our run! Mine was great, however Katrina and Leighann were groped a little more than they expected. None the less, we all felt much better after our massages.

For dinner and dessert we headed back to the Hard Rock. It wasn’t so much for the dinner but the dessert and we also had an amazing waitress our first night there and she told us to come back after the race. I am so glad we went back, she hooked us up with Free Dessert! What more could a girl ask for! That dessert is just what I needed after that day!

After we returned home and crawled up the stairs, it was time to call the family and head to bed. MY husband is getting good with his running lingo! His first question was..”Did you PR today?” I miss having my family there at the finish, but I know standing around waiting for hours can be kind of hard with two little ones. I will admit though..It is nice being able to go to bed a 7 O’clock though after a race. That is exactly what we did. I think we were all packed for the morning and in bed by 7. Thankfully our flight was not till 11:30 the next day so there was no rushing in the morning to get out.

The next morning when it was time to meet with our apartment owner, he decided to share with us that he had a group floor apartment right next door, would we like to see it?? Why was he just now telling us this!!!!?? If you ever go to run the Malta Marathon and you want a ground floor apartment..this is the one you want. I can’t believe it was just sitting there empty the whole time!

Weeks 3 & 4 of my P90X Adventure…

Week 3 &  Week 4 of P90X were pretty Awesome. I looked forward to my workouts everyday.

By Week 3 I could already see a difference in myself. I was able to do more in each work then I could the week before and I felt myself pushing further. It pry helped I didn’t have any crazy runs during this point! It was during this week that I started to focus on my eating. During weeks 1 & 2 I was more focused on just getting into the routine of working out again on a daily basis. With that under control, I knew I had to fix my eating.

So on Day 1 of Week 3, I started following the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. I had tried following this before, and I will be honest, I failed miserably. I went in allowing myself to cheat. It would start with, “It’s ok, I can still have just a little of my Vanilla Nut Creamer in my coffee” (even though Creamer is on the no no list) Of course, my one cup always turned into 3 or 4. Then at night, I would allow a “small” bowl of ice cream. (I mean come on, I worked out and ran so it should be ok, right?) I have always gone on setting myself up for failure. I was not going to allow that to happen this time! I have also continued with the no coffee and I am only drinking tea and water and Shakeology. I also take E & E before my workouts and an Amino and BCAA Supplement after my workouts.

My first week went Amazing. I prepped and tracked and I could feel the difference with in in a few days. This also goes hand in hand with my studying for my Fitness Nutrition Certification. I don’t think I could of picked a better time to start focusing on my eating. Well that and the hubby has been gone, which helps when you only have to worry about what you are feeding your self and have complete control over what is in the house.


The second week started off great! However, I did not plan well for my weekend. I did not have anything really prepped and I had a tendency to grab what was quick and easy. I can’t say that I ate anything to awful (I have kept all sweets from the house, my worse temptation is the little boxes of Chocolate Covered Raisins and the Peanut butter) There was also the handful of Vanilla Wafers. At first I was a little down on my self but realized it was only a small slip up and I could come back from it! I learned that prepping is key and that I need it in my life!

Week 2 was also a recovery week. It was full of yoga, core work, and lots of stretching. In my first attempt at P90X last year, I would of skipped this and said I don’t need it…but after a year of running and losing much of my flexibility I knew I needed this week more than anything. My muscles and my body thanked me for this week! I can’t believe how much flexibility I have regained just in the first 4 weeks of this program. As a runner I tell my self “Make sure you stretch before and after” however, this does not happen a lot of the time. Especially since after most of my runs that I really need a good stretch I come home to Q & P and they are ready to bounce all over me the minute I sit down! If I have one main goal through this program, it is DO NOT MISS YOGA~!


Here is what my weekly workouts looked like. My Running Mileage was fairly low during these two weeks as well. I am doing my best to follow the program, but a girl needs to run~! My weights have been any where from 5 – 15.0 and a little more on leg days. I also ordered Pull up bands and I hope they arrive by the time I start Phase 2.

Week 3

Chest & Back – Ab Ripper X


Shoulders & Arms – Ab Ripper X

Yoga X

Legs & Back – Ab Ripper X

Rest – 5 Mile Run


Week 4

Yoga X

Core Synergistics

Kenpo X

Yoga X

Core Synergistics

Rest – 60 Minute Run



P90X Weeks 1 & 2…

P90X – Weeks 1 & 2

*This week I took it pretty easy because on Saturday I had a Marathon Adventure I was running. I did all of my workouts but I kept my weights lower for this week. On Leg day I did the minimum, especially since it was the day before the run. Saturday’s workout I did not do since I was running 26.2 miles but I did do the X Stretch on Sunday along with some light yoga. My mileage for this week was around 36 miles to include the Marathon.

*I was sore going into Week 2 from Saturdays Run, so I am happy that Monday is Chest & Back. The working out actually helped with some of the soreness. Plyometrics on Tuesday was a little tough. I had a hard time with some of the movements because of my ankles and hips still being a little/a lot sore. The only workout I did miss was Wednesday Ab Ripper, the girls were just not having it so I decided to cut my workout short.

*Nutrition wise I did not do awful, but I also did not do the best. I was snacking more than I should of and I was not eating enough of the right foods. Food is where I struggle and I always have an excuse for it. Not this time…I will get my eating on point it is just going to take some hard work and planning. I am using Shakeology® (Nutritional Supplement) and E & E (Pre-workout) during this program.  This was my first time using the E & E and I really like it. Especially since I have given up coffee it is a great source of Caffeine in the AM before my workout. I am also taking a multivitamin and an Amino supplement.

*My main goal for week 1 & 2 was to get back into the routine of a fitness program on top of my daily running schedule. Most days I only run 1-3 miles, with at least one longer run during the week. This month my longer runs are not happening as much because I am single parenting it for a while and the girls only handle up to about an hour in the stroller. I also have one full marathon a month on the schedule right now until May.

*All in All I feel these first 2 weeks went well. I plan on continuing to up my weights each week and to graduate from using resistance bands for the workouts involving the pull up bar.  I am not yet able to do any of these exercises unassisted but I hope to be able to by the end of the 90 Days. (I have order Pull-up assistants Bands, just waiting for them to arrive)

Here is What my weeks looked like.. Most days a workout is anywhere from 60-75 minutes. Yoga X is 90 Minutes (This is my Favorite workout of the week)

Week 1

Chest & Back – Ab Ripper X


Shoulders & Arms – Ab Ripper X

Yoga X

Legs & Back – Ab Ripper X



Week 2

Chest & Back  – Ab Ripper X


Shoulders & Arms – Ab Ripper X

Yoga X

Legs & Back – Ab Ripper X

Rest Day

Kenpo X

Have you done P90X, If you have please share any helpful tips you may have with me!

The Ranscombe Challenge..What we do for Running Friends


I ran marathon #4 with some Crazy Awesome Friends! It was a 7 lap trail course where we were able to experience all 4 seasons and lots of mud. This is a Race that will be added to my Amazing Tale of Adventures. My watch died on Lap 6 but I’m told the distance was pushing 27 miles.

This was a Marathon that I signed up for a day after my 3rd Marathon in December . Portsmouth was my Marathon that I needed to qualify for Marathon Maniacs.  A friend of mine ran this one as well, but she needed another one to be able to qualify as well. So we headed to our friend Google and found the only marathon in January in the UK. There wasn’t any question about it..we were going to do this Marathon no matter what. We also decided to recruit more friends to join us on this adventure!

The name of this Adventure was the Ranscombe Challenge. If you are ever in the UK and want to play in 26+ miles of Mud this is the Run for you! They also have a Spring one (Which would of pry been much more enjoyable) You would think we would know better than to sign up for a Run in the middle of a nature reserve that is a 7 Loop Course. But..We don’t. She needed this run and we were all going to do it together!

Our Morning started off with a short drive to the outside of London at 530 am. Thank goodness Cindy has the Mom Van and can pack us all in! We came prepared for the day. Enough food to feed a small army, extra clothes and don’t forget our trash bags for the mud to come. Little did we know how bad we were going to need this trash bags.

Once we arrived it was a short walk up a large hill to the start of the race, Base Camp. Base Camp had a bag drop off and lots of yummy snacks. This is where we had to check in after each loop was completed. While we waited to start we learned there was a Man, Davo, who would be completing is 100th Marathon that day as well as a few others who were running in the 90s. It was really neat to see this! The community for this race was absolutely Amazing! There was close to 100 running. Some where running 1 lap while others were going to be running over 10! Our small group would be running 7. At one point we had all considered doing 8 (why not run our first Ultra together) but decided against this around lap 2!

Here is how we named the loop that we ran 7 times!

Up the path, down Boulder canyon, through the enchanted forest, up Big B, over the grassy knoll, across Death Valley, up MT Everest, down the widow maker, though the ugly bog, down bear mountain, across the muddy meadow and back to base camp.

Our First Lap was Great! It was a beautiful course and it wasn’t too muddy the first time around. The sun was shinning and life could not be better.

Then the 2nd Lap came. We were still enjoying ourselves but realized this would probably soon change. The course was starting to get muddy and slippery. If it was already this bad at loop 2 what was the rest of the day going to be like.

Loop 3 is when life started to get tough. Let me share a little, none of us are trail runners, well one of our girls is, but none of us were wearing trail shoes this day. By this point we were all caked in mud. Leighann (Pink Hat) stumbled down the mountain where we were being chased by a bear who wanted our food. Let me say..the stories you can come up with while running with friends!

Now at Loop 4 I think we were in a whole new world of Suck. This was when the sun left and the snow came. Then the snow left and the rain came. We were all pretty much done with this race. This is the lap where I slipped in the mud and went sideways. Boy was that mud cold!

Loop 5..More than Half way done! We only had to run the loop 3 more times! Our spirits started to come back up. We enjoyed more treats at base camp and knew we were going to finish at some point! This was when we had some silly dog who wanted us to play fetch with him. Do you know how hard it is to go up a mountain and pick up a stick and throw it for a dog…Well let me tell you…it gets kind of rough! He made this mile go by though.

Loop 6…I hurt, my watch died and I was really not enjoying this. It was time to question my friendship with these ladies. Who makes you do this kind of thing???

Loop 7! We were almost done. Smiles back on our face and then end was in sight. This was the last time we had to  go Up the path, down Boulder canyon, through the enchanted forest, up Big B, over the grassy knoll, across Death Valley, up MT Everest, down the widow maker, though the ugly bog, down bear mountain, across the muddy meadow and back to base camp.  We also had a few moments of chatting with Davo as he passed us on his 8th lap! He was going for Super Awesome Status this day! Then we caught him taking in the scenery and taking pictures.


Around hour 7:41 is when we came in. If someone had told me this was going to be a 26+ Tough Mudder I may have stayed home in bed…but then again pry not. There were moments of this Adventure that were horrible, but in the end you don’t remember the awful stuff, you only think about the AWESOME time you had with your friends and you know that if they asked you tomorrow if you would do it again…Your answer would be “Where do I sign up?”.

We stripped off our muddy clothes and made for the drive home! Thank you Cindy for Driving because I don’t think I could of after that!


The Next day Leighann and I became Maniacs!


Sometimes We Fail…


Have you ever set a goal for yourself and not succeeded? Often we talk about our accomplishments and not so much about our failures. Last year I accomplished more than I ever imagined I would. However, I had set a goal in the beginning of 2014 that I was not able to accomplish. This has really bothered me and I don’t know why. I spent this last weekend focusing on what I really wanted to accomplish this year and I kept coming to back to my missed goal from last year. I had a huge goal to Start and Complete the full 90 days of P90X.

Last year when I start P90X I had also started training for my first Half Marathon around the same time. Around the 2 month mark I was becoming extremely tired and was having a hard time doing both. I stopped P90X. I told myself that once the Half Marathon was over I would pick it up again. This did not happen…Instead I kept running (Something I never thought would happen) I really believe I would run 1 and only 1 Half Marathon and Check it off my List. This was not the case…I ended up with a bad case of the Running Bug. Before I knew it all I was doing was running. Not just running, but training for my 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Full Marathon. I decided to focus on getting through my training injury free, so once again P90X was pushed to the back burner.

Well it is a NEW YEAR! I have New Goals! I am coming in with a whole new mind set. I will not Fail this time! I will complete the full 90 Days of P90X and I will love every moment of it! This is for me and for no one else. I need to show myself that I Will do this! I have many reason why I need to do this. There will be NO Half Assing this goal. I want to improve in both my physical and mental health. Nutrition is also going to be Key in my success. This will not be easy but the end result will be worth every moment I spend working on myself.

Why this program some may wonder. P90X has been around for a long time, but it is one of the harder ones I have come across. It really makes you commit! This is not just a few minutes a day, you have to put your whole way of life around it. Also, in July I will be going to the Beachbody Summit and I plan on getting my P90X Certification. Well, I can’t very well do that with out completing the Program from Start to Finish. Also, Did I mention Summit (Just FYI, I am going to be working out with some of the fittest people I know! I can’t go in there not being in the best shape of my life!) That may sound silly, but this girl has goals! One of those goals is to see my Abs! I want to be comfortable in my skin when I go to this event.

P.S. I will still be running a Marathon a month and continuing my Run Streak (Day 51 As I write this) I feel that I am comfortable now with my running that my body is now used to what I have put it through. I love running and I don’t think I will ever give it up! With this being said, I may miss a weekend workout of P90X, but I will not miss a weekday one!

Over the next 90 Days I will be tracking my journey. My goal is to do a weekly Update. This update it to keep myself on track and motivated! I want to be able to look back on my P90X 90 Day Journey and say I Kicked ASS!!!

Do you have a goal you did not accomplish? Do you plan on going after it??